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38W-UV Germicidal Light Ultraviolet Disinfection Ozone Sterilization Lamp Remote

38W-UV Germicidal Light Ultraviolet Disinfection Ozone Sterilization Lamp Remote

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1. Equipped with a remote control, which can be controlled wirelessly without being restricted by angle and location, making disinfection more convenient and simple.

2. ABS shell, not easy to oxidize, not easy to fade, fashionable and practical.

3. Wide lampshade, wider range, increase UV output.

4. It is safer without sharp rhombus, and the bottom is heavy to prevent falling.

5. Quartz tube has high transmittance, stronger sterilization rate.

6. 10 seconds delayed start, no need to worry about radiation.

7. Select the appropriate sterilization time according to different areas and occasions, and it will automatically close after reaching the sterilization set time.

8. Ultraviolet lamp with ozone has stronger sterilization effect and longer ventilation time. Ozone has features like sterilization, deodorizing formaldehyde and odor, etc., ozone can spread throughout the room without being affected by obstructions.

9. Ultraviolet lamp has strong sterilization effect, and the ultraviolet sterilization rate is 99.99%.


1. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays can burn human eyes and skin. Before using, please make sure that no one is in the space.

2. The valuable calligraphy works should be covered in the room to prevent oxidation and discoloration due to long-term ultraviolet rays.

3. VVentilate the space after sterilization to dispel odorous gas from dead bacteria and germs.

4. Before using it for many times in the later period, you can use glasses cloth or computer screen cleaning special cloth to wipe the lamp tube to maintain the sterilization effect for a long time.


Chroma: blue

Weight: 950 g

Size 200 x 140 x 32 mm

Rated power 38W

Rated voltage 220V and 110V

Rated frequency 50HZ

Control Method: timer/remote control

Material: ABS+quartz

Package Size: 230 x 160 x 45 mm

Packing Included: (With well gift box package)

1*germicidal light

1*User manual

1*remote controller

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    Works. Packed securely.


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    The order came very quickly. The lamp is working. I recommend!


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    Thank you. Despite the situation received quickly. Super!


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    Looks good.Have not use it yet.


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    Deadly light, ozone odor. If you smell ozone you feel little bad, but only little. Really disinfects, but for future I choose ionizer, because it is good, but in home is not for every day.


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  • zh***

    Good! it's the first time i use such a device, it's working. be careful for your eyes, since this could make you blind if you stare at it with naked eyes during several minutes. the delivery has been long due to the American Virus, but everything has apparently become normal in China. Congratulations !!!!


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    In our time, the thing is right, kills microbes. The lamp came in a well-packed box, it's very difficult to break. The lamp immediately turned on and checked, everything works.


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    Good quality and very fast shipping.


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    Excellent packaging, I recommend the seller!


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    Packed lamp super. Everything has come .. Everything works


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